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Cambridge Management Partners Ltd (CMP) are Sales Transformation, Strategy and Business Growth consultants, expert in turning around sales performances, aligning operations and bringing together sales, marketing and strategy as one.

Working primarily with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the UK-based regional operations of global Corporate clients, you may be looking to appoint an expert part-time consultant, business coach, executive mentor or advisor to provide the following support:

  • Sales Transformation: To take stock of existing sales and business performance, identify exactly what your customers needs are, support you in aligning your business with complete sales focus and create the platform and team for growth
  • Appointment of an Executive Mentor and Coach: To act as an highly experienced sounding board, and support both your senior team and sales team in Sales Transformation as it transforms its focus and structure
  • Executive Mentor & Executive Coach: To support & mentor your Sales Director, who may be your very best sales person, but who could value expertise support in strategic planning, implementation of processes and leading the right team to success
  • Strategy: Create a highly focussed sales strategic plan in readiness for your newly appointed Sales Director to ‘hit the road running’ on arrival, working the plan approved by you
  • Business Coach & Meeting Facilitation: Provide senior CEO, MD & Sales Director support in monthly and quarterly meetings

Increase Sales and Business Growth Success:

Our clients have experienced truly outstanding consulting results, of which we are extremely proud. As business growth consultants and advisors, to support clients in embedding change and also securing necessary core skills to achieve business growth success through high-performance sales, marketing and strategy, Cambridge Management Partners’ business growth training arm is the Business Growth School, and is where outstanding business growth skills training can be supported directly in your business.

Cambridge Management Partners and the Business Growth School bring together the combination highly-qualified and Business Growth School trained business growth consultants and advisors who know the ‘theory’ whilst also being experienced in delivering the ‘practice’ that sets Cambridge Management Partners apart from all competition.

We are also unashamedly sales and marketing orientated in our leadership approach – the very approach that is at the core of all Business Growth School Training. We are however no ordinary Sales Transformation Consultancy Firm however, as to achieve business growth sales strategy creation must combine with marketing and business growth corporate strategy… this is Cambridge Management Partners’ and the Business Growth School’s expertise, uniquely positioning our offering over any other sales management consultancy form and top sales & marketing consulting programmes.

Sales Transformation:

Our experience shows that only once your business is aligned to what your customers needs are, can you align your overall operation and focus on achieving outstanding business growth. This process may mean that you have to stop doing some of what you like doing, as it may not be what your customers want; it may also mean we have to appoint the right sales team, operational support and more, to ensure focus and success too.

Training Combines with Sales, Marketing & Strategy Business Consultancy:

At CMP, and together with the Business Growth School, our role is to:

  • Train you and your team with skills that you can embed in your business
  • Support you in implementation and change in the short-term
  • Withdraw from your business as your new world becomes normal, whilst having  complete focus  to achieve on-going business growth
  • To provide monthly, quarterly or period support, but only as required

The Business Growth School’s training includes the Business Growth Masterclass and the three key elements of sales, marketing and business growth strategy, all of which are essential within any corporate strategic plan. Here are four primary training courses:

  • The Business Growth Masterclass is a three day training course that will train you and your team to align your business to customer needs and prepare it for growth
  • Mastering Sales Skills – Executive One Day sales training course support business owners, managing directors, entrepreneurs and those in the professions who may be outstanding experts in their field, but whose first love is not sales or selling, of which is an essential skill they must master and have a complete appreciation of its process
  • Business Growth Marketing Foundation one day marketing training course is to provide core traditional marketing disciplines in SME’s
  • Internet Marketing Diploma Three Day Masterclass will ensure your is fully prepared in the digital world of today, and covers a comprehensive spectrum from SEO, Video, Website, Affiliate Selling, Social Media to include LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and more

Business Growth Consultants and Advisors – Training:

We also train business growth consultants and advisors, as this not only enables Cambridge Management Partners to see the development of some potentially outstanding business growth consultants and advisors we may wish to work with, it also enables us to have other disciplines covered with highly trained advisors to support Cambridge Management Partners’ programme management of roles that a may require wider support for implementation (for example HR, Brand, H&S, Finance Director support, and more).

With access to over 200 consultants in virtually every business discipline, CMP has the network and expertise on call on to ensure delivery of your business needs whilst our Business Support Services and Sector Specialisms deliver you a combination of world-class consultancy, business advice and industry sector expertise.

Contact Us:

To arrange a confidential no-obligation review to assess the value and support Cambridge Management Partners can provide in Sales Transformation, Strategy and Business Growth ambitions, call us at the Business Growth School – CMP on: 0044 1223 422 166.

Business Growth Consultants – Sales, Marketing & Strategy As One

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