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For many SME’s who approached the Business Growth Service, Growth Accelerator and MAS support funnel, they found that they went from an enquiry straight one-to-one coaching. This took up valuable time in the working day, for some (even with grant funding) was expensive and also in some cases did not directly provide the skills training wanted for the SME to go forward, embed and directly take control of the planned change themselves.

The Business Growth School, part of Cambridge Management Partners, is positioned to deliver skills training in order for business owners, executives and their teams to directly learn the skills.

With courses delivered through highly motivational one and three-day training masterclasses and also online, giving access to outstanding expertise and skills in a fast-track infusion of essential skills, the Business Growth School is not about taking a six-month ‘programme’ of a three year business degree only to wade through a syllabus of which most will not be applicable to your business.

And if a little coaching, mentoring and direct consultancy is required to support change, implementation and planning, only then do you need to contact Cambridge Management Partners.

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