Accessing SME Business Growth Training Courses

For many SME’s who approached the Business Growth Service, Growth Accelerator and MAS support funnel, they found that they went from an enquiry straight one-to-one coaching. This took up valuable time in the working day, for some (even with grant funding) was expensive and also in some cases did not directly provide the skills training wanted for the SME to go forward, embed and directly take control of the planned change themselves.

The Business Growth School, part of Cambridge Management Partners, is positioned to deliver skills training in order for business owners, executives and their teams to directly learn the skills.

With courses delivered through highly motivational one and three-day training masterclasses and also online, giving access to outstanding expertise and skills in a fast-track infusion of essential skills, the Business Growth School is not about taking a six-month ‘programme’ of a three year business degree only to wade through a syllabus of which most will not be applicable to your business.

And if a little coaching, mentoring and direct consultancy is required to support change, implementation and planning, only then do you need to contact Cambridge Management Partners.

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2015 Business Growth Successes for CMP & Its Clients

2015 has seen CMP clients see some really impressive high-performance growth.

Working across a wide range of sectors and delivering business growth training, consultancy and implementation, results have included a:

  • 100% in order pipeline to £2.5m for an Aids to Navigation (AtoN) market leader
  • Cambridge e-commerce business securing four new ideal clients in two months
  • Complete field-sales force turnaround deliver sales process transformation
  • Near 1,000% increase in sales order to £5m for an international business operating in the tough 2015 Oil & Gas sector
  • Seed-business loan within the technology sector for business now poised for exponential growth
  • Launch of R&D Tax Refund, a new service within CMP designed directly to support continual innovation and growth through expert R&D tax relief recovery
  • Coming together of The BGS Business Growth School, founded to train CEO, MDs and Entrepreneurs of small or medium-sized (SME) who may be experts in their fields but wish to learn to selling, marketing, leadership and management in order to develop their growing business

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R&D Tax Compared to PPI


How many of us knew we were eligible to claim PPI and either:

  • Made a claim, but felt that we could have secured more with a dedicated PPI recovery expert, or
  • Put it off, and or still haven’t got around to making our full loan and credit card claims because we feared the level of fees PPI recovery experts were demanding

R&D Tax Refund, a division of Cambridge Management Partners Ltd (CMP), works exclusively with the leading R&D Tax experts, and with over 400 projects, more than 110 claims, an average claim of £40,000:00, a 100% claim record to their name and a very open and simple fee structure, appointing an R&D tax relief expert through R&D Tax Refund could enable you to really get 2016 off to a flying start.

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1,000% Order Book Business Growth


Imagine having a 1,000% increase in your order book and nearing 100% in sales orders that is now nudging £5m.

This was achieved whilst working with a client who is completely dedicated in achieving business growth, committed to their people but understanding that the transition would result in change, and most importantly, completely focussed on the customer.

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Top Four Questions That Could Secure a £40,000:00 R&D Tax Refund

How would you like your business to secure a £40,000:00 cash injection in just 28 days?


R&D tax relief is there to encourage the growth of innovative British businesses. R&D Tax Refund,part of Cambridge Management Partners, works exclusively with dedicated R&D tax experts who have operated since 2001 and have a lead consultant success rate of 100%. During this time, they have worked on over 400 projects and made more than 110 claims, and with the average claim of £40,000:00 having been achieved within only twenty-eight days following submission of the documentation to HMRC.

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R&D Tax Refind to_send_1

New Sales Training for the CEO, MD & Their Senior Teams


Together with the launch of The Business Growth School in Cambridge, CMP’s philosophy of bringing together ‘theory and practice’ will take a new and innovative step.

Closing the education/implementation gap is not offered by the traditional Business School or Management Consulting model. The CMP Expert’s role will start with bringing the expert consultant out from their direct business role and into the seminar room. Training from highly qualified and experienced experts can then ultimately move through the planning, implementation and ‘repeat’ stages necessary for ongoing successful business growth.

Skilling Entrepreneurs and their respective teams is also recognised as a necessary catalyst for Growth in 2016, and although experts in their own field, many acknowledge that they do not take the time to both STOP and write a 2016 Strategic Plan that will truly deliver growth in their business, whilst also readily confirm that they would value upskilling in sales, negotiation, marketing, leadership and management as the take their business to the next level.

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