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Would you subscribe to over-staffing your business in readiness to take on the next project? No. Quite the opposite, and it is widely written that under-staffing a business keeps it lean, motivated and focused with engaged and committed staff.

Cambridge Management Partners’ Business Services provide you the spare capacity, expertise and resource to take your business to the next level. We work with you, your team and your business with one objective, and that is to deliver real tangible value, but only when you need it.

Our Busines Services include:

  • Strategy and The Sales and Marketing Plan:
  • Business Turnaround
  • Business Development
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • ‘Exclusively Yours’ exclusivity
  • Chief Sales Office
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Cover

Our combined services are focused in delivering market-leading strategy planning, sales & operational alignment, robust business turnaround and highly successful business growth. We can provide Executive Support and Executive Cover to maximise delivery, ensure continuity and provide senior management support, whilst being unashamedly sales-orientated former business leaders and consultants, our services are focused on working with you to support the delivery of your customer proposition, securing sales and winning against your competition.

So how can we be of service to you?

For the SME client, our Business Services may include:

  • An ‘Exclusively Yours’ Strategy and Sales & Marketing Plan to directly take-on your local high street competition in your town, city or region
  • A highly focused Business Development plan, to facilitate the delivery of new client relationships and long-term sales
  • A Business Turnaround plan, bringing in a fresh drive into your business whilst delivering a Strategy and Sales & Marketing Plan to include embedding sales disciplines within the business
  • Providing a ‘Sales Director’ level resource, as your business needs it, in order to target, bid and present to key prospective clients

For the larger SME through to UK & International Corporations:

  • Providing Sales Director Executive Cover and preparing a highly focused Strategy and Sales & Marketing Plan in readiness for a newly appointed Sales Director to firstly join the business and then ‘hit the road running’, facilitating a shortened business induction and ‘honey-moon’ period, and resulting in faster sales growth and returns on the investment you have made in their appointment
  • Providing operational Executive Cover and Support, to lead the business during a time of transition or change
  • Business Turnaround and Business Development Planning facilitating the streamlining of operations, the customer proposition definition and the resultant business development sales
  • Programme and Project Management

Our Business Services are targeted to serve virtually every business sector, from high street hair salons, through leading retail supermarkets, engineering, software, service, manufacturing, B2B and B2C businesses and more, utlising the very same core Business Services expertise of which CMP also delivers within its industry Sector Specialisms.

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