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Business Development is where Cambridge Management Partners Ltd began:

Never more is Cambridge Management Partner’s guiding principle of “Bringing together Theory and Practice” demonstrated than through the delivery of innovative, high-performance market leading business development strategies and sales-orientated business growth plans. It is in the field of Business Development where Cambridge Management Partners’ clients judge the outstanding performances it delivered and where it leads over its competition.

Cambridge Management Partners – Background:

Alan Crouch, CEO & founder of Cambridge Management Partners, began his career in sales. As he progressed to senior general manager, operations director, sales and marketing director, MD & CEO, he led seven business turnarounds. He attributes his success to being able to apply both the ‘Practice’ found in his foundation in sales, and hands-on commercial experience, coupled with a solid foundation of ‘Theory’ founded in a Aston MBA, Project Management, Sales Strategy Consulting and Business Advisor training.

Cambridge Management Partner’s – Approach:

Our approach to strategy is focused highly on the sales proposition. By aligning (and as required streamlining) operations and optimising your sales, marketing and strategic approach, the organisation is positioned to succeed.

In order to achieve outstanding business growth success, expert consultants at Cambridge Management Partners will work with you and your key stakeholders to define your sales proposition and identify innovative market and sector leading opportunities.

High-performance business growth require a multi-layered approach to strategies and action plans. This may include a plan for an individual market sector, geographic region, product and service, client, key account segment, new business, leveraging existing business, acquisitions and more.

The Cambridge Management Partners’ ‘Three Stage Plan’ is used as the foundation of Business Development Strategic planning. It will embed business development and sales disciplines within your business and facilitate action plans that will drill down to the focused high-performance delivery of each and every member of the business development team.

Cambridge Management Partners’ Business Development Services are deigned to deliver on-going support to include: Chief Sales Office, Executive Cover and Executive Support. To ensure delivery, Cambridge Management Partners’ training arm the Business Growth School will support you and your team should direct sales, marketing management, business growth strategy, sales management and negotiation skills be required.

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