Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth Strategy: “When you know exactly where you’re going, you’ll know which way to run”

Would your business benefit from significant business development sales growth, a business turnaround or the streamlining of its sales & operations as it implements a highly-focused business growth strategy and plan?

Are you appointing a new sales director who you need to ‘hit the road running’ and require a highly-focused Business Growth Strategy, implemented through and aligned and high performance sales and marketing team, that is completely integrated into your overall business plan?

If the answer is yes to any one of the above, then Cambridge Management Partners’ Business Growth Strategy and Plan will provide your business the platform for success.

Innovative and Unique Business Growth Strategy Creation:

The Cambridge Management Partners Business Growth Strategy and Plan defines your business, bringing together the three core disciplines of business growth: Sales, Marketing and Strategy.

Where the Cambridge Management Partners process is unique, is that our clients often experience an increase in sales, even before their teams go to their business growth strategy meeting.

What will be key, is that together, the first task is to clearly define your sales proposition.  To do this, Cambridge Management Partners will not only need to work with you, as it will be also listening to your customers, suppliers and staff to ascertain the where we really understand the ‘Where we are now’ and most importantly to support them in defining an ‘on-point’ customer proposition.

This process in itself often results in the reengagement of lost clients as your business effectively makes contact in order to understand their customer needs.

Only when the customer proposition is defined, can you and your team then take their seats in the business growth strategy meeting. The key meeting will be facilitated in a high-motivational style and take your team through a structured and essential journey:

  • Vision:
  • Mission:
  • Values:
  • Goals:
  • Objectives:
  • Strategies
  • Strategic Priorities
  • Action Plans & Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Monitoring and Control Plan

Implementation and Business Growth Strategy Action Plans

The Business Growth Strategy Plan will define recommendations to align your business sales & operations to the agreed sales proposition to ensure the entire unified business is focused to deliver within its capabilities and resources.

With the strategies defined and prioritised, clear individual Action Plan responsibilities provide the framework that will deliver real results and in turn ensure the achievement of the newly defined objective, goals, mission and vision of your business. Real Success.

The objective is the achievement of a completely focused and innovative business Strategy and Sales and Marketing Plan, with clearly defined actions, all of which have been agreed by you, your key stakeholders and therefore the business. The Plan brings discipline, accountability and responsibility, and by its very nature, it also delivers a highly focused business, team and highly motivational success.

For a Soon To Be Appointed Sales Director:

The Business Growth Strategy Plan gives them an unrivaled head-start as they join the business, enabling this new senior appointee to very quickly start delivering significant sales success. This not only supports them as they start their career within your business, it also delivers your business an impressive return on your investment from their appointment and peer recognition that they are without doubt the right person for the role.

Cambridge Management Partners – Bringing Together ‘Theory and Practice’:

When working with Cambridge Management Partners, our customers know that great strategy and sales planning can only come from consultants who are both highly qualified but also must have first-hand senior executive business and delivery experience.

This is the key to producing a realistic and workable plan, as however valuable the academic brilliance of the ‘Theory’, a great Plan requires business experience, not only during its preparation, but also in the ‘Practice’ of supporting ‘The Doing’, to include Plan delivery mentorship, coaching and control assurance. This is the key to the attainment of outstanding ongoing results. The CMP way.

Cambridge Management Partners’ training arm The Business Growth School can also directly train you and your team to directly lead your own Business Growth Strategy Plan in the Business Growth Masterclass.

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For a no-obligation meeting at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge to review how the Cambridge Management Partners’ Business Growth Strategy Plan may add significant value to your business, Contact us at the Business Growth School – CMP or call 0044 1223 422 166.

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