Business Turnaround

At CMP, our Turnaround Consultants are experienced. They have an acute understanding of what you are experiencing and are highly qualified, experienced and positioned to offer you and your business the support it needs at this time. They have also directly led businesses through outstanding turnaround performances as a senior company executive.

Your business is likely to have experienced:

  • A steady decline of market share
  • Under performance of sales
  • The loss of a key client
  • Change within your market environment e.g. including technology, competitor activity, legislative etc
  • Squeezed profit margins due to the pressures of increased costs and ever more pressure on pricing
  • Under performance of a former management team

This will be a time when:

  • Cash will be tight
  • There will be considerable pressures on your businesses financial and contractual obligations
  • Significant time will be demanded of you to analyse, report, formulate a recovery plan and then implement this with tight time pressures
  • Customer service levels will be under pressure risking a further decline
  • You risk losing your key assets, your people

Third-Party Business Turnaround Services:

In addition to businesses working directly with CMP for their Business Turnaround needs, CMP also welcomes enquiries for its Business Turnaround services from:

  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Corporate Bank Management and Financial Institutions
  • Accountancy Firms
  • Solicitors

Our Approach:

The principles of CMP Strategy and Turnaround Plan follows the principles of the CMP Three Stage Plan:

Step 1: The Planning

a)     Strategic Review – The ‘Where we are now’ to include an understanding the financial position of which will provide both a performance and cash flow forecast summary, a review of ‘why we are where we are’ of which is likely to involve the key stakeholders of your business and the identification of ‘quick wins’ to improve cash

b)     Defining the Sales Proposition to ensure that sales offering has complete focus, that the business understands its market need and to forecast the headline sales income

c)     Focused Strategy Defined to clearly outline your business turnaround Strategy, Turnaround and Sales Transformation Plan

Step 2: The Making

a)     Operational Alignment, to ensure the business operation is streamlined, structured and focussed in delivering the sales proposition through a highly motivated team pulling together as one to ensure an outstanding turnaround achievement

b)     Marketing Plan, providing a clear and integrated action, activity and recovery plan

c)     Sales and Marketing Campaigns to create and embed sales disciplines with clear functional and individual action plans focused on leveraging past, present and new business customer business development success.

Step 3: The Doing

This is where the CMP principle of ‘Theory and Practice’ offers you and your business a unique service and support. We understand the pressures on your time and your resources. CMP can support you and your team from daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly review meetings and or conference calls, through to interim management, executive mentorship and programme and project management control assurance.

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