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CSO offers your business Senior Sales Director-level Executive Cover, Support & Resource, from optimising your current sales leadership and their team, through to delivering marketing leading sales strategy, acting as your sales director, embedding highly focused sales disciplines or directly heading your team during a time of change.

Sales is a discipline. It takes skill, strategic planning, specialist training, exacting implementation delivery and strong leadership & management in order to deliver the overall Sales Budget for the business. And due to the very nature of your sales team, from the top down, they will need to be kept highly motivated and focused as they go out and do what they do best.

Sales directors & their teams hold your key business client relationships. Your cost to change should they leave may not stop at a recruitment fee. Executive Support leverages your incumbent sales team providing the platform to embed sales disciplines, a leading Strategy, the Sales & Marketing Plan, forecasting, management, internal reporting and board presentations.

The CSO also can provide an important control assurance role for your business. As is often the case where the Managing Director or CEO is so engaged in their role, they cannot provide the support, mentorship, sales management, monitoring and sales plan reviews necessary to ensure a fully engaged sales function and team.

A business may also be in the process of appointing a new Sales Director or Manager, and by appointing the CMP, your business can benefit from:

  • A temporary senior sales leadership support of your Sales function, ensuring customer continuity and senior sales support for the team and business
  • A full audit of your sales function, team and customer base
  • The creation of a Strategy, Sales and Marketing Plan, ensuring that the new sales leader has a plan that is as agreed by the business prior to their joining in readiness for them to ‘hit the road running’ post induction, enabling your business to benefit from their appointment without undue delay

As is often the case, many SME’s do not have the financial resource to appoint a full-time senior sales resource. CMP can put in place your Strategy and Sales & Marketing Plan, giving focus to your integrated business planned and a highly targeted sales plan, whilst then directly support the senior team on a part-time or retained basis to deliver Sales Director Executive Support, but only at a time that suits your business need.

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