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This CMP Business Service is at the sharp-end of what we do, delivering exciting, innovative and very carefully crafted Sales and Marketing Campaigns.

Securing growth through business development and sales with new and prospective clients rarely happens by accident, and then there’s the marketing and promotion of your products and services as you leverage a customer’s relationship.

You may have a new one to be launched, a product or service may be at the end of its life cycle necessitating old stock to be sold or planning to directly take on your competition to increase market share. You just may need increased sales for cash flow purposes, or launching a new business product or service within your wider organisation.

Highly successful Sales & Marketing Campaigns take planning. When marketing, the considerations include:

  • What is the customer proposition? It’s a matter of ‘what do they want to buy’, not ‘what do you want to sell them’.
  • What’s your target market?
  • How will you design your product or service meet the customers need?
  • How do you get it endorsed?
  • How are you going to distribute your sold order?
  • By who? A sales force or online marketing?
  • Have your the operational staff resource and finance to make what your customers want in the first place?
  • What price can you make, buy and sell at?

At the Sales & Marketing Campaign stage of a product or services’ journey, many of the above questions may well be covered, and at CMP, our Business Services are designed to support your Sales and Marketing Campaign strategy to ensure that your business has the key questions are covered. Our services can take you through the whole process.

Typically, we will review your offering, assess your sales proposition and where necessary conducted market research as we will prepare your business for a sales and marketing campaign. We will prepare your campaign assessing your features, benefits and offering, and conduct prospective buyer analysis in order to ensure a targeted and highly focused campaign. Necessary sales scripts and content may also be prepared.

A typical SME Sales and Marketing campaign could result in 100 direct sales calls to a SIC-code profiled new business buyer base and also direct sales calls to lost clients. Our objective will be agreed secure your business highly qualified leads from which resultant new business appointments and new business sales are secured.

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