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From planning strategy through to selling to a prospective client, you need to know what your customer wants. Cambridge Management Partners customers wanted:

  • Flexibility of service and to call upon business consultancy services exactly when the business need arose
  • To have consultancy services to fit in within your business, to  include 10 day projects that are spread over two months, 6 to 12 month interim Executive Cover, Programme and Project management, one day-a-month Executive Support and review meetings, through to weekly conference calls
  • Understanding that a CMP consultant may only be required part-time, possibly only one or two days a week, as the in-house project team members also had their day job responsibilities too
  • To work with a consultancy that didn’t just deliver ‘theory’ by way of a nice report, but was structured to support the implementation, delivery, control and monitoring of the project and plan
  • Plain English, not an ‘intellectual thesis’, and delivery from an experienced senior business  manager or director, who have ran businesses for real
  • To have real industry experience embedded into the three stages of every project, from the planning, to the making and the doing

CMP has been structured to deliver our services in line with your business needs. All the consultants CMP appoint are qualified, experienced experts, former senior executives in their field and independently accredited. Consultants typically work on simultaneous projects and ensure delivery of a Cambridge Management Partner’s guiding principle in ‘bringing together both the Theory and Practice’ of business within every CMP project.

With our business being based in Cambridge, we make no apology for not having multi-million pound London & global offices as we’re not convinced that this delivers you better consulting. Our reduced overheads can be passed onto our customers in the form of consultancy that offers real value through all of the important stages of the project and Plan. CMP also understands that in virtually all cases, you and your team have a day job and that your in-house project teams are effectively ‘part-time’; our operational structure therefore delivers you access to CMP consultancy services as you need the support, often on a Just-In-Time and part-time basis, tailored to the capacity of you and your senior team.

CMP can also assist SME’s in securing available Grant Funding, of which if eligible, can contribute up to 50% of CMP’s fees.

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To arrange a business review to discuss your business needs with Cambridge Management Partners at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge, Contact Us Online or call 0044 1223 422 166.


The Grant Maze | SME Manufacturers | Business Development and Growth Grants | Internationalisation Support | R&D Tax Credits

With the UK economy enjoying sustained Growth, the UK Government’s commitment to assisting businesses to develop within the UK and internationally has created truly excellent Grant opportunities.

Schemes include Grant Aid for Manufacturing businesses, Sales and Services Business to comprehensively support your business and planning. Support can include match funding, where projects can be part funded by Government Grant Support, supporting your business to get your projects underway by directly contributing towards Cambridge Management Partners Ltd’s (CMP’s) fees.

Projects cover a wide range of disciplines. Detailed below are just some of the Projects that subject to a Grant Approval criteria, CMP consultants could implement in your business:

  • Business Strategy and Sales & Marketing Planning
  • Growth and Business Development, to include business leader mentorship, growth coaching and consulting
  • International Export, Exhibition and Market Research assistance
  • Materials, Product and Service Innovation
  • Product Idea Generation
  • Automation
  • Key Stage Review
  • Innovation Expert
  • Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping
  • Team Building
  • Improving Quality & Delivery
  • Improving Resource Efficiency
  • Lean

At the time when your business project need is defined with CMP, prior to the project commencement, if CMP believes that your business may be eligible for Grant Support, your CMP consultant will assist you in getting this funding support in place. Grant Funding not only can directly reduce your cost but in certain cases can also enable you to embark on more than one project based on your planned initial investment.

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To discuss your Project Needs and determine if you may be eligible for Grant Support, Contact Us Online for a no-obligation business review with CMP at  St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge.


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