RandD Tax Refund

RandD Tax Refund and How you can secure a cash injection of £40,000:00 in just 28 days.

RandD Tax Refund, Rand Tax Credits and RandD Tax relief support business growth. Th inject in capital created enables innovation, further RandD and ultimately new products and services, sales and business growth.

R&D Tax Refund, a division of Cambridge Management Partners Ltd (CMP), understands that a RandD Tax Refund (credit and relief) is integral to the development of innovation within British businesses and supporting the growth of our clients.


Government R&D Tax Relief:

RandD tax relief is there to encourage the growth of innovative British businesses. R&D Tax Refund works exclusively with dedicated experts who have operated since 2001 and have a lead consultant success rate of 100%.

During this time, they have worked on over 400 projects and made more than 110 claims, and with the average claim of £40,000:00 having been achieved within only twenty-eight days following submission of the documentation to HM Revenue and Customs, RandD Tax relief is integral in supporting growth for our clients.

Four Questions Closer to Your RandD Tax Refund:

The four questions detailed within the contact form below have been designed to assist you in understanding if your business would qualify for RandD Tax Credits for a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise.

To know more about how we can assist you in your RandD tax relief claim, please complete the contact form below and we will look forward to being in touch for a no obligation call:

Contact Form:


Two Schemes for RandD Tax Relief – SME & Large Company:

The size of your organisation will determine which scheme scheme your business will be able to claim RandD tax relief:

  • Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) Scheme, where spending on research and development from 1st August 2008 SME is defined as being businesses with less than 500 employees and either one of the following: An annual turnover of €100 million or less, or a balance sheet of €86 million or less.
  • Large Company Scheme

What Costs Qualify for RandD Tax Relief:

The Department of Trade and Industry, now know as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), sets out the definitions that must be met in order to qualify for an RandD tax refund of which can include:

  • Employee expenditure and the proportion of their cost of which was directly engaged in the Research and Development Activity itself
  • Staff Providers for expertise and or support staff who provided a direct and active role directly relating to the Research and Development Activity. Again, the claim will consider the proportion of expenditure dedicated to the Research and Development Activity
  • Physical Materials to include consumable and transformable materials of which were utilised within then Research and Development process
  • Clinical Trial Volunteer Payments
  • Utility Costs, to include power, water and fuel used directly within the R and D process
  • Software that was required and used direct in carrying out the research and development process
  • Subcontracted Research and Development expenditure

The above summary is provided as a guide only, and in order to ascertain exactly how R&D Tax Refund can determine your Research and Development tax relief, simply complete the above contact form and we will look forward to discussing your Research and Development  tax refund.

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