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Hand Car Wash Expertise at Cambridge Management Partners:

Hand Car Wash typifies the diversity within Automotive business services. With now over 1bn cars throughout the world and 32m in the UK alone, that makes for a lot of car wash opportunities. And here’s the context… you can multiply these numbers many times over as cars are washed, detailed and valeted for new and used car retail sale, auction, inspection, pre and post-rental and of course in some cases weekly as the car owner gets their car cleaned. Serious numbers indeed.

Market research shows that car drivers have clearly defined preferences:

  • The Roll-Over Car Wash customer, who is not that overly focused on the detailing of the wheels and windows as long as the car looks clean at a price
  • The Hand Car Wash Service customer, who really wants a focus on their wheels and windows, a completely dried off car and no perceived car wash scratching who welcomes a customer service interaction and experience.

Hand Car Wash services grew very quickly within the UK and in many cases operations, operator choice, service standards and adherence to the Environment Agencies PPG13 recommendations and SEPA in Scotland were to say the least wanting. Regulation has also evolved, and with environmental policy makers having debated the prohibition of washing cars at the owner’s home and if all cars should be washed within a controlled environment in order to limit car wash effluent continuing to pollute the ground, the retail service has interesting potential.

With over five years heading the UK’s market leading hand car wash business of up to 93 locations within England, Scotland and Wales, Alan Crouch, managing director of Cambridge Management Partners conducted global market research of hand car wash market, the available processes and its operating systems, and offers a highly experienced industry insight. Hand Car Wash offers a much valued service, but also a customer service platform that can be leveraged to offer both automotive and non-automotive related services in supermarket, shopping centre and town centre car parks.

CMP’s Business Services Car Wash and Valeting Include:

  • Business Turnaround of under performing franchised and licensed to include Executive Cover
  • Consultancy with UK supermarkets, shopping centres, retail park owners and land agents
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Franchisor Business Development, Business Turnaround, the Strategy and Sales & Marketing Plan services and Chief Sales Office Sales Director resource to owners and investors in the Hand Car Wash Sector
  • Automotive suppliers to include vehicle retailers, after market suppliers, automotive remarketing businesses and car related service providers
  • Non-automotive businesses wanting leverage through the platform of a service that is becoming a seamless direct customer interaction as a car is washed while the customer shops
  • UK and International Business Development and Investment in Hand Car Wash

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