Supermarket Franchise and Concessions

Supermarket Franchise & Concessions:

Customer service performance form supermarket Franchise & Concession operations have to be excellent. Often outsourced, these operations directly deal with your customers, often necessitate a more immediate personal customer interaction than in-house store operations, and it is this direct service performance of the front-line staff that directly reflects on your business and brand.

‘Performance’ not only includes front-line customer service, as each Franchise and Concession’s profitability, your prompt payment, cultural integration, compliance, control assurance and adherence to terms of their Operating Agreement are key performance indicators that ensure harmonious, ‘low-maintenance’ and lasting working relationships. To work, there needs to be a win-win business relationship.

The business relationship life-cycle between a supermarket and a franchise & concession includes:

  • Pre-planning launch
  • System definition and Supplier Tender Process
  • Business Pilot
  • Business Roll-Out
  • Implementing a seamless service integration and sharing in business development success
  • Control Assurance, operational and business reviews, and third-party dispute mediation
  • Supplier renewal, termination and or in-house service integration

CMP recognises that supermarkets traditionally operate lean franchise and concession functions. CMP is positioned to provide a direct, experienced business leadership and commercial management capability at every stage of a Supermarket’s franchise and concession management relationship, even through to delivering an interim-management support to lead an entire franchise or concession during times of transition. Also, when coupled with CMP’s core Business Services, our consultants’ first-hand commercial background in operating supermarket franchise operations and our Automotive sector expertise, CMP is positioned to offer a highly specialist hands-on consultancy and project management support, exactly when your business operation demands.

Do you believe that there is room for improvement or would welcome expert support in managing in any aspect of your Franchise and Concessions operations?

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