To optimise CMP’s project performance, we only work with business leaders, CEOs and MDs who are as committed to their business as we will be.

We are very proud to include testimonials from just some of our 2015 clients, all of which are experts and leaders in their respective sector discipline:

Oil & Gas | Aids to Navigation | Strategy and Sales Growth Turnaround 2015:

“In August 2014, Alan was appointed by Pharos Marine Automatic Power Ltd as a consultant to focus on its sales and marketing covering UK, EMEA, Russia and Caspian Sea. What was immediately clear was the benefit of Alan’s experience having worked with companies from start-ups, to SME’s and international corporations within roles including senior sales & marketing, operations, managing director and CEO level. Alan was able to offer me, as the managing director of Pharos Marine, a rounded perspective and much valued commercial depth within his recommendations.

Every aspect of Alan’s work is delivered with professionalism, clarity and commercial common sense, this coupled with the highest of standards in report, project and strategic plan writing and delivery, of which in itself is highly motivational and inspirational.

I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to my network as a client consultant Sales & Marketing Director”.

Owen James, Managing Director, Pharos Marine Ltd


Cambridge eCommerce Technology Development | Sales & Marketing Strategy | 2015

“Our ecommerce technology development business was growing but needed help in identifying new customers and winning new orders. We realised we needed some sales and marketing strategy to help us address this part of the business.

Throughout the Growth Accelerator program we selected Alan Crouch of Cambridge Management Partners Ltd form three extremely well qualified business coaches. What stood out from Alan’s credentials were the right experience – converting multi-million pound loss making customers into multi-million pound profit making ones.
Alan seriously challenged us at every step of the way about who our best customers were, what is our really unique offering and what “bait” we could use to win new customers.

This turned out to be genius and in the two months from the end of the work with Alan we signed up four new ‘ideal’ customers. All paying up front and all extremely pleased with our work even giving up glowing testimonials.

We are so pleased with Cambridge Management Partner’s help that we are going to sign Alan up for another contract to develop our business further”. 

Aleksandra Ristic, Project Director, 2buy1click Ltd


Oil & Gas Aids to Navigation (AtoN) | Training, Mentor and Project Leadership 2015:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alan for the last 8 months during which he has always had a very positive and creative outlook and he’s really good at organizing and bringing people together. 
Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, he looks out for his team (he promotes team collaboration while encouraging individual excellence). He is providing our team with invaluable coaching and mentoring using his extensive experience and understanding of how business really works among sales, marketing and project management. Alan does not solve people’s issues and problems, rather he enables them to resolve or more often than not turn the negative into a positive.
Alan is not only a brilliant and visionary businessperson, but also a dynamic and talented speaker. His ability to connect people and inspire the audience are amazing. It is a great pleasure to work with Alan and learn from him.

I highly recommend Alan to any best-in-class organization. Being involved with Alan will probably enable you to grow as a person and gain many more advantages than the one you we looking for”.

Pablo Valencia, Civil Engineer and specialist in Offshore & Marketing Projects

Cambridge Based Technology | World’s Fastest Web Hosting Service 2015:

“Developing a stream of new customers for our advanced super-fast website hosting business was proving hard. We took on Alan of Cambridge Management Partners Ltd to help us work out where to find our ideal customers.

Our hosting is the fastest in the world, however we were targeting anyone who wanted hosting and therefore not able to command the premium price for those that wanted and needed such hosting. Alan also helped us break down our existing ideal customers, and from that work out what a new ideal customer would look like, where we could find them, and what it was that we needed to present to them to make them instantly want to move to our hosting.

This approach was a stroke of genius which resulted in us targeting existing very successful eCommerce websites and showing how much money they were losing through slow hosting, and how much more they could make by hosting on our fast servers.

This worked amazingly well and we signed up our first direct targeted customers even during the period of Alan and Cambridge Management Partners’ engagement with us. I would highly recommend Alan and Cambridge Management Partners to provide any business that is serious about achieving growth to act on Alan’s advice in order to make their business develop faster and achieve step-change business growth successes”.

Lyndon Wright,  CEO, Secure Fast Hosting Ltd


Executive Director Appointment | Loan Capital Stake from Cambridge Management Partners Ltd:

“As joint founder of Auto Data Guru, as CEO and Managing Director, Alan has been instrumental in the development of this start-up seed business.

Over and above his strategic and commercial planning of which has very successfully positioned ADG to achieve its significant business growth, market proposition delivery and investment stages, it is Alan’s credibility, extensive experience and sound business advice that has added significant value to the company.

Alan is a highly motivational and effective sales-orientated CEO, Managing Director and Consultant”.

Leslie Elliott, Director, Auto Data Guru Ltd.

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